4 Simple Tips To Cure A Mouth Sore

Mouth sores can be pretty painful and take a while to heal. They generally appear on the mouth or lips and can be caused by a variety of factors. Most sores heal at home with time and remedies, but if you do not see or feel improvement after a week, it’s a good idea to go get treatment from your dentist.

How can you cure a mouth sore?

Keep reading for a few simple tips!

A Person With A Painful Mouth Sore

What is the Difference Between a Cold Sore and Canker Sore?

Cold Sores – Cold sores are caused by a virus that resides in the nerve cells. Sometimes the virus reactivates and travels to the skin which causes the cold sores to reappear.

Canker Sores – Canker sores are round white or yellow sores that have numerous potential causes. They are caused by hardware in the mouth like braces, stress, and eating spicy/acidic foods.

Easy Tips to Heal a Mouth Sore

There are a number of different remedies that can help ease the pain of your mouth sores and help heal them. Here are 4 easy tips to heal a mouth sore:

  • Salt Rinse – By dissolving salt in warm water you can make a salt rinse. Rinse for 30 seconds and it will disinfect the canker sore. The sodium chloride directs healthy fluid to the canker sore and heals it quicker as well.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse – You can use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse the same way that you use mouthwash. Be sure that you do not ingest any of hydrogen peroxide. You may also mix hydrogen peroxide (¼ cup), water (¼ cup), baking soda (1 tsp), and salt (1 tsp). This rinse will help heal your canker sore faster and neutralize the acids in your mouth.
  • Nutritious Food – Eating healthy when you have a cold sore equips your immune system to fight off the virus. Make sure to consume enough vitamins and minerals.
  • Glycine Cream – Also known as zinc oxide, it can help heal cold sores Applying this cream to the sores when they are first developing is ideal.

Canker Sore and Cold Sore Treatment in Downtown Toronto

We understand that mouth sores are a huge pain and can take awhile to heal, even with these DIY treatments.

Our team at Dr. Kinga Kubieniec Dentistry is here to help with canker and cold sore treatment in Toronto. If your symptoms continue, or are very severe, book an appointment at our downtown office today! At Dr. Kinga Kubieniec Dentistry, we are committed to treating your mouth sores, and offering great advice.

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