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Differences between earache and toothache

Can an Infected Tooth Cause Ear Pain & Discomfort?

Earaches and toothaches can have similar symptoms for many people and proper diagnosis can be difficult. Ear infection symptoms can vary depending on where the infection is located. You might suffer from an earache and fever, or experience dizziness and nausea. However, there is one symptom you might not be aware of connected to the infection: tooth pain. When determining the cause of your pain, Dr. Kinga Kubieniec will examine your mouth and discuss your symptoms and medical history with you.

Symptoms of Toothache

A toothache or tooth pain develops when the nerve in the tooth is irritated.
Symptoms of a toothache can include tooth discomfort, an aching sensation after you’ve eaten or consumed a hot or cold beverage, bad breath (halitosis), fever, swollen glands, and earaches. Make sure to consult Dr. Kinga Kubieniec.

Symptoms of Earache

Symptoms of an earache can include pain in and/or around the ear, fever, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping, sinus problems, hearing difficulty and trouble balancing.
The signs of earaches and toothaches correlate, and this is mostly due to the fact that the sinuses are situated very close to the top of your back teeth. Some discomfort or pain in the sinuses may cause these teeth to create the sensation of a toothache when it could be your ear that is really causing you pain.

Experiencing pain?

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