Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

You might remember receiving fluoride treatments at the dentist when you were a kid, which increased the amount of fluoride on your teeth and prevented cavities.

Some dentists stop those treatments around 14, but many experts say that fluoride is also beneficial to adults.

Do adults need a fluoride treatment?

Fluoride fights tooth decay and strengthens the teeth, so it can still be advantageous for adults.

Keep reading to find out more.

Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment?

What Is Fluoride?

One of the minerals that naturally occur in water is fluoride. Fluoride is also added in many of the foods we eat.

Consuming fluoride in this way helps protect our teeth. Acid from plaque and sugar eats away at the enamel and minerals on the enamel. If the fluoride is not restored quickly enough, the teeth will decay.

At Home Fluoride

Fluoride can also be applied to the teeth through mouthwash and toothpaste. This will help rebalance the mineral levels on your tooth enamel. While using fluoride toothpaste daily is important for oral health, the level of fluoride in these options is lower than in a treatment that you receive at the dentist.

Why Are Fluoride Treatments Good For Adults?

Adults are more prone to gum disease and tooth rot, and fluoride can help take care of these issues early. Fluoride helps the teeth by strengthening the enamel coating on the teeth. Bacteria eat away at the enamel, but fluoride helps protect the tooth.

For example, many adults struggle with gum recession. Gum recession exposes the root of the tooth, which is softer and more vulnerable to bacteria. Fluoride helps provide extra protection to this part of the tooth.

Fluoride can also help you even if you’ve already have decay or chips repaired. After these procedures you are more likely to get cavities, which fluoride helps effectively protect against. Some adults also experience issues with teeth sensitivity. Acidic foods and beverages can cause tooth sensitivity, and fluoride helps address tooth sensitivity as well.

Fluoride Treatments in Downtown Toronto

Fluoride treatments in Toronto are good for kids and adults. They help prevent cavities and tooth decay and can help ease tooth sensitivity. At home treatments like toothpaste with fluoride and mouthwash are still helpful, but it is recommended that you also get topical fluoride treatments from your dentist in Toronto, which are more concentrated.

Visit Dr. Kinga Kubieniec Dentistry to start your fluoride treatments as soon as possible!

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