Emergency Dentist Toronto, ON

Come to our emergency dental clinic to treat your dental emergencies when you need to.

Dental emergencies are not something we plan, but they are something we must address quickly. If you believe you’re experiencing a dental emergency, come to Dr. Kinga Kubieniec Dentistry for emergency dental care in Toronto.

We offer emergency dental services in Toronto to help you handle the most common dental emergencies when they strike. Our experienced dental team knows how to quickly address your dental needs.
Emergency Dental Care in Toronto, ON

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

Some dental pain can wait until later to address, but other times you’ll face a dental emergency that needs immediate attention. What is a dental emergency? Here are some common examples:
Quickly addressing emergencies will help prevent further pain and damage. More than that, emergency dental care in Toronto addresses your pain. Our emergency dental services are available to help you get timely, effective treatment for your dental needs.

Can I Repair a Knocked-Out Tooth?

Getting a tooth knocked out is a very common dental emergency that can happen during sports, falls, or other accidents. Seeing your tooth outside of your mouth can be scary, but you do not have to panic.

Many times, emergency dental treatment can safely address a knocked-out tooth. To give the dentist the highest chance of fixing the tooth, you should:

Emergency Dental Care in Toronto, ON

We understand how stressful and frightening dental emergencies can be, but our team is here to help with any dental emergency in Toronto. If you are dealing with a dental emergency, come to our dental clinic in Downtown Toronto now. Give us a call to let us know you are coming and need treatment.

FAQs About Emergency Dental Care in
Toronto, ON

In a dental emergency, the dentist will assess your oral trauma and determine the best course of treatment. The exact dental procedures they will use depends on the dental emergency you face, but they will aim to reduce your discomfort and preserve your teeth to the best of their ability.

One very common dental emergency is bleeding teeth or gums. Trauma to the mouth can cause it to bleed, but so can serious oral healthcare problems like tooth or gum infections.

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, remain calm. If you have knocked out or chipped a tooth, pick up the tooth piece from the crown (not touching the root). Rinse off the piece, and gently place it back in the socket. Apply pressure by closing your mouth, and visit the emergency dentist immediately.

Dental emergencies strike when we least expect them. However, there are a few steps you can take to be as prepared for one as possible:

  • Learn about how to handle common dental emergencies (like a knocked out tooth).
  • Read about the warning signs of a dental emergency so you can identify one.
  • Provide your children with emergency contact cards so they/coaches/teachers know who to call.
  • Choose a quality emergency dental clinic in Toronto.
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