What Should I Ask My Child’s Dentist?

Working with a children’s dentist can ensure that your child receives good dental care. The dentist’s office can be an unfamiliar and scary place for young patients, but with the help of a good pediatric dentist, your child will soon feel comfortable in the office.

Asking the right questions can help you and your child prepare for a trip to the dentist.

Ask your children’s dentist the following questions:

Cute Little Baby Holding A Brush In Mouth

How does a kid’s dental exam work?

Inquire about the dental exam process for kids. Ask the dentist what your child can expect, how the process works, and more. Find out what’s included and how long the appointment will take. You and your child will be more prepared this way.

How often does my child need dental care?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that kids come to the dentist at least once every six months. However, children with certain oral health conditions may benefit from more frequent dental visits. Work with your child’s dentist to determine their dental needs.

Does my child need a mouthguard?

Children that suffer from bruxism (grinding or clenching the teeth during sleep) may need a mouthguard to protect their teeth. Likewise, a sports mouthguard can shield the teeth during sports and high-impact activities. The dentist can help you determine if a mouthguard can help your child.

Is my child dealing with dental crowding?

Overcrowding is a common concern for kids. Adult teeth begin coming in when kids are quite young. The combination of primary and adult teeth can lead to crowding. Predicting this ahead of time can ensure the proper prevention methods, including orthodontics.

How can my child improve at-home dental care?

Daily brushing and flossing are essential for long-term oral health. But many kids struggle to perfect their dental care. After all, it’s not the most fun activity! During their dental exam, the dentist can examine plaque buildup and assess at-home care. They can then provide personalized advice for improving dental hygiene at home.

Visit Our Kid’s Dentist in Downtown Toronto

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