Dental Mouth Guard Toronto, ON

Protect your smile with a custom dental mouth guard in Toronto!

Your smile is an essential part of your physical well-being. Mouthguards help you maintain dental health in a way that suits your routine and protects your teeth from damage.

No matter how often you play sports, there’s always the risk of a serious dental injury. But there’s an easy way to protect your investment: a custom-made mouthguard from Dr. Kinga Kubieniec.

Turn to Dr. Kinga Kubieniec for dental mouth guards in Toronto. Visit our knowledgeable team to protect your smile today!

Mouth Guard in Toronto, ON

Do I Need a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are not restricted for patients of certain ages! In fact, many people can benefit from one. Furthermore, they can be particularly helpful for those involved in high-impact and/or contact sports. Some of the activities that put your smile at risk include:
Sports mouth guards can protect your teeth from a fall or hit. But contact is not the only thing to safeguard your smile from. Dental night guards help protect teeth against the effects of grinding or clenching at night.

Importance of a Dental Mouthguard

Sports and risky activities are exciting, but they can also lead to dental trauma. Common dental injuries from sports include:

Dealing with a dental emergency is stressful and can be expensive. Oftentimes, the dental damage from sports is preventable. A dental mouth guard provides complete protection and peace of mind no matter what sport or activity you’re participating in.

Anyone with braces should absolutely wear a mouthguard for sports and other high-risk activities. A mouthguard is even more important for those who have metal braces because they can amplify any oral injuries.

Visit Dr. Kinga Kubieniec for a Dental Mouth Guard in Downtown Toronto

A dental mouth guard is a small investment that can save you from costly dental injuries. Investing in one will help you protect your mouth during sports and at night.

Protect your smile and prevent serious injury with a custom mouthguard from our dentist office Toronto.

Schedule your appointment with our dental team for a sleep or sports mouth guard in Toronto!

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